Tune In and Turn On Georgina Lakeside Living TV

 Gina and Gary Semeniuk have been in the community since 1991 and as the community has evolved, so has there Real Estate business. Passionate about community and sharing why Georgina is such a great place to Live, Work and Play, you will want to be sure to sign up for updates and get there award winning experience and client care working for you.

When Gary and Gina are not busy in there Real Estate business, they are often out hosting local events, such as the Ones Car Shows that they run through the summer months, Northdale Heights Community Garage Sale, Annual Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway & a number of other events and contests. Being in the community of Georgina they also recognize how important it is to showcase the community and businesses with Georgina. They’re goal in creating this TV channel for you is to regularly visit popular Landmarks and businesses and provide you with entertaining and informative video interviews. Thank you for dropping by and be sure to sign up for regular updates of new video releases and if your in the mood to buy or sell Real Estate, you are at the right place. Be sure to look around the website and put our very interactive search functions to work for you !! Our website update frequently and can often be the difference between, hearing about the home already sold that you wanted and that home of your dreams, being yours.

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