When Tech Meets Real estate

By: Gary & Gina Semeniuk

When Tech Meets Real estate

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These days it is no longer enough to get dressed up and tell the world you’re a Realtor.
Buyers and Sellers are more sophisticated and with a sea of competing realtors the stakes are higher when it comes to getting a new client to believe you are the one they should choose to represent them.
Gone are the days when a buyer or seller had to flip through news papers or phone books to find a realtor, the perfect home or real estate related information. Phones packed with technology have made it easy for the consumer to educate themselves, find the perfect home or realtor.
Realtors of today not only have to have competency in real estate, contract law, negotiation and general knowledge of all the aspects of real estate, they now must understand the brick and mortar ways of finding clients and promoting properties is rapidly changing.
When we became Realtors in 2011 we made a conscious decision to embrace Social Media and Technology as the main drivers to find clientele and to promote our listings. In the early days many of our peer’s thought we were wasting time, that Social Media was a passing fad and that looking for business in Social Media circles was a waste of time. In our industry we a trained to lead with income, meaning, go find the business and then build your brand. We decided to backwards engineer our business and branded it 1st and then went out and found business, why, we didn’t want to take years to climb the ladder in building market share. We wanted to do what the big dogs in our industry weren’t doing, take the path less travelled.

 Step forward 6 years and those that didn’t adopt technology and Social Media are being left behind, either trying to learn in a world that changes daily or having to hire out to manage their social media needs, an expensive proposition and often not effective.
When it came to our business we looked outside of Canada to learn how to best promote and communicate our message and to promote client’s homes to a high calibre, with our base of knowledge as former custom home builder/renovators. We quickly built an audience and then created several Niche based groups within social media platforms to narrow the message from the masses to those with specific needs. We got involved in the community, creating community events, supporting charities and giving back.
All this sounds good, yet it is not enough in todays real estate landscape to ensure success and to be top of mind for those looking for realtor’s.
We have always enjoyed technology and learning how to better showcase our brand and most certainly our client’s homes, along with our buyers. We utilize technology when it comes to our buyers, allowing them to use our courtesy tablets to take pictures, keep notes, that we then send to them, easing the burden of them trying to remember the umpteen houses they saw on the journey to finding the perfect home.
Equally. When it comes to listing a client’s home, we have an in-tack concierge service that can take care of any clients needs from cleaners, contractors, lawyers and the list goes on. With the amount of real estate production, we do we weighed out hiring our photo/video needs and decided to invest in having our own equipment and a separate brand to showcase our clients needs and to help other realtors in the industry. We are fully equipped and now do our own photography, virtual tours and other production elements, along with graphic support that not only showcases our business, it is allowing us to help realtors build better brands for themselves.

Fortunately, our Son has expressed an interest in this side of our business and is running the day to day side of the promotional side of the business.
Success in our industry requires more each day, adaptability and an ability to grow quickly or get left behind. Looking back, I am so thankful that I followed my gut and forged ahead, utilizing technology in our business, it’s a game changer and today’s consumer expects no less!!
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