The York Region Eco Team. Georgina's Premiere Lakeside Real estate team

By: Gary & Gina Semeniuk

The York Region Eco Team. Georgina's Premiere Lakeside Real estate team

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We are a team of award winning realtors focused on resale, waterfront, rural, land and development here in Georgina. We have been licensed since 2011 and selling full time in our community since 2014.
We have risen to the top 10% of realtors in Georgina and what differentiates us is our 30 years experience as former custom home builder/renovators.

We bring this knowledge to our full time real estate practice with high level service and client care. We often have client’s homes painted, carpeted, complete kitchen reno's and the list goes on. When we feel it will improve the saleability of their home and what they can't net in extra dollars from the sale. We provide connection to all our contractors and other related professionals, such as preferred lenders, lawyers and tax consultants. We provide staging and we also have our client’s homes cleaned prior to listing their home and cleaned on the day of closing with a floral arrangement left for the new buyers with a Thank you card for purchasing the home, mentioning that it was cleaned just for them on there arrival to their new home.
Whether you’re our client or not, we want to make sure your next move is a fond memory.
Gina and myself are also heavily involved in the community, both online and offline. We made a very conscious decision to build our business in two ways, Facebook and community events.

Online, we run six different groups, all Niche based in terms of focus along with an additional business page and person page. This has allowed us to build a large audience to engage with in many different elements of our business and personal passions.
We also do several community events. Gina and myself run a large weekly car show here in Georgina and often attract more than 200 vehicles weekly from old to new. We also do an annual Thanksgiving Day pie giveaway, along with partaking in our towns annual Santa Clause Parades and Canada Day events.

Through our passion for working within the community with our personal, business and event donations, we a proud to say that in 2017 we were able to donate over $11,000.00 back to community members and charities.
We were also recognized by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government, having been chosen to receive a Community Spirit Award.

We are so fortunate to be a part of such a great, giving community and lucky to get to Live, work and play here as a family and business.
Be sure to visit our community often and when it's time to consider a move here, be sure to call us

Our passion is our work in the Community!!